Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Basics of IELTS Listening part

The IELTS listening part is the equal for equally Academic and General teaching section. It consists of just about 40 questions. The questions could of the following type:

• Sentence completion or fill in the blanks in a diagram, description, summary, flow chart or table

• MCQ’s (multiple choice questions)

• Diagram labeling

• Matching

Probable you as a candidate?

The Listening part is separated into 4 segment and time is permitted to study the questions by the tape is play for all section. Time will moreover be given at the ending to shift your answers on a split answer sheet. memorize you should convey your answers on the answer sheet while the time is permissible as only the answer slip will be check and patent by the examiner!
Candidates are likely to listen to the tape and answer the questions as they listen in and soon shift to the answer slip when time is permitted

How to go

You will be permitted to read the questions of the explicit segment by that recording is play, for case 5 minutes will be permissible to read the questions by section 1 tape is played, then 5 minutes to read piece 2 questions before the section 2 recording is played then you must make the nearly all of this time, read the questions methodically and try to make an scheme of what the situation is about.

The noticeable thing which could arrive into our mind is that someone is selling cots and compare the diverse features of both brand in array to make the right choice.


You should not presently try to get the terms to go with answers in the tape and overlook out on what is being held, as you want to “listen” to every that is being said in sort to answer the questions. If you very soon remain looking for answers or terms to equal the answers then you might not take note vigilantly and yet miss out the actual answer

Excellent Listening tactic

Continue alert and do not imagine about something else as you try the paper still when you have missed away an answer. go it and move on so that your feelings do not compose you lose attention and miss out on another answer. memorize the tape will be cooperate only once! So overlook all the other fears and presently listen. The tape is in plain English and if you keep on focused, victory will be yours.

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