Thursday, September 27, 2012

IELTS speaking: model interview

The speaking test of IELTS arrives at on 15 minutes. It has 3 parts: a dialogue, a slight speech and a argument.

Through the interview you will be request to answer about common questions regarding yourself. Here is a model interview.

Checker: hi, my name is John David. Can you tell me your name, please?
Student: My name is Anil Kumar.

Checker: Can you prove me your identification, please?

Student: Yes.

Checker: Be grateful. Now let’s start. First I would like to request you a few common questions regarding yourself. Where do you live?

Student: I live in Delhi. It’s a capital city of the India.

Checker: Where you born?

Student: No, I was born in Calcutta.

Checker: Are you living with your family?

Students: I’m living alone in small home. My parents and sister still live in Calcutta.

Checker: Do you satisfy to living here?

Student: Yes, obviously I like this city. It is home of the India and I extremely like its mixed nature. What’s more, I have got several contacts here.

Checker: What are you learning?

Student: I have been learning Civil engineering for the last two years .

Checker: Good luck to you and thank you.

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