Thursday, September 27, 2012

IELTS speaking Sample test

The speaking exam is less than 15 minutes. It contains 3 components: an interview, a slight talking and a debate. The issue asked in the Speaking test regularly repeat. That indicate by effort the test, you should be well-known with them.

The subsequent questions were ask over on an IELTS keeping in Sri Lanka. Although answer these questions you have to offer expressive answers.


What is your name?

What are you responsibility?

What are your tasks at work?

Please tell me a little regarding yourself.

Please tell me a bit about your city.

Have you ever been to the opera?

Do you watch TV?

What are your preferred programs on the tv?

How do you make in your free time?


All through the 2nd element of the IELTS speaking test you will include to present a little speech. You will be specified a cue card with 3 – 4 questions. Your speech should respond all of those questions.

Cue card

Speak regarding a condition when you aid somebody. You have to say:

Who is the person?

When it occur?

How did you aid the person?


The subject for argument is typically linked to the subject for speech: The questions were:

Do you identify any family that desires help?

Does your country government facilitate families that require help?

What about non-government organizations? Do you imagine they can help families in difficulty?

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