Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strategies for IELTS speaking

It is roughly 15 minutes involve for IELTS speaking test. There are 3 tasks: a special interview, a little dialogue and a debate. In the talking test, you must strive to provide complete answers. Avoid respond like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Consider that in the speaking test, the inspector is demanding to review your speaking talent.

revise the three model answer to the equal question.

Checker: Do you like reading?

Applicant 1: Yes, I do.

Applicant 2: Yes, I like reading. I personally be fond of reading struggles about great personalities.

Candidate 3: Yes, I like reading. I moreover like playing and dancing. In actuality, I like to get dance training.

Analysis of the answers

Candidate 1 has specified a very little answer for which he or she will not get high marks.

Candidate 2 has given an expressive react that moreover keep on on the topic. He will get good marks.

Candidate 3, as well, has given an expressive answer but he has moreover new information that is not related to the topic. while he has confirm that he is competent of speaking English, his helplessness to remain to the unusual topic will lower his score


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