Thursday, September 27, 2012

TOEFL Grammar test 1

Fill in the blanks by correct grammatical formation. all question is pursue by 4 suggested answers. prefer the nearly all proper one.

1. I couldn’t identify her as she was
———————— a dark suit.

a) Dressed in
b) Dressed with
c) Dressing in
d) Dressing with

2. She is ———————- nice woman.

a) Very much of a
b) Very much
c) Much a
d) A very

3. He ——————— whereas frustrating to whirl across the river.

a) Drowned
b) Was drowned
c) Has drowned
d) Had drowned

4. My Elder Brother confident me to learning about engineering, but I didn’t ————————-

a) Want to
b) Want
c) Wanted to
d) Wanted

5. ‘Are you involved in available to university?’ ‘I would ———————-.’

a) Like
b) Like to
c) Have liked to
d) Have liked

6. I saw the book ——————— on the desk.

a) Lie
b) Lying
c) To lie
d) Lain

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