Thursday, September 27, 2012

TOEFL Grammar Test

Fill in the blanks with fitting structure of the verb.

1. I could not gather him as he ———————- out earlier than I arrived.
a) had gone b) went c) goes has gone

2. This ———————- on for a long time.
a) had been going b) has gone c) was going d) is going

3. When I ——————— to New York, I will see him.
a) go b) went c) goes d) have gone

4. If I ——————— this, I would have made mistake.
a) had done b) would have done c) would do d) have done

5. I ———————– for a walk yesterday.
a) go b) went c) had been d) would go

5. I ———————– for a walk yesterday.
a) go b) went c) had been d) would go

6. The rebel ————————- the monarch’s head.
a) cut b) cut off c) cut down d) cut into

7. I ———————– him to go.
a) said to b) told c) say to d) told to

8. He ———————— to swim.
a) knows b) know c) knows how d) know how

9. He —————————– his bicycle.
a) got down b) got off c) got down from d) got of

10. He took —————————– his books.
a) out b) off c) of d) from


1. I could not meet him because he had gone out before I arrived.

2. This had been going on for a long time.

3. When I go to New York I will see him.

4. If I had done this I would have done wrong.

5. I went for a walk yesterday.

6. The rebels cut off the monarch’s head.

7. I told him to go.

8. He knows how to swim.

9. He got off his bicycle.

10. He took off his books.


  1. Scores for each of the four parts are equally weighted. The overall band scores are calculated by taking the mean of the total of the scores of the four individual parts.

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