Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Example of an IELTS letter

The Writing section of IELTS exam manages in one hour. There are 2 missions. You must to write a memo or report in 20 minutes and complete an essay in given 40 minutes.

Here is an example.


Write a letter to the weekly magazine editor regarding careless driving. In your letter you have to clarify the disadvantages and danger of rough driving.

Dear Sir or Madam

During the last 3 or 4 months it has been observe that road accidents increase in Manila. Mainly accidents were happened due to  irresponsible driving. Truck drivers and those who drink and drive are disreputable for fast driving.

One day I was shocked to observe a horrible accident. A young biker and his child were crushed to passing away when a fast truck that arrives from following ran over them. They pass away on the spot itself.  Definitely it was not an lonely event. A number of innocent peoples are lost their lives on the roads.

The fear with wild driving is that it causes a big risk to the people in the adjacent area with the driver. wild drivers possibly will kill children. Cars that revolve uncontrollable can spoil other motor vehicle on the road. Additionally, careless driving can reason major harm to property. so, it goes lacking of saying that wild driving is a unrestricted protection issue that should be well addressed.

Yours faithfully


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