Tuesday, October 2, 2012

IELTS writing sample report

The graph illustrates the distribution of home tasks by gender in UK.
Write a statement for a university speech relating the information shown below.
You must write no less than 150 words. You can use up 20 minutes on this task.

Model Answer

The specified graph illustrate the normal amount of minutes per day British men and women use to take their responsibility about home tasks. In short, women use up near 4 hours in doing household responsibilities even as men use less than two and half hours.

The responsibilities that are supplementary possible to be finished by women than men contain cooking, cleaning, washing and baby care. even as women use 74 minutes to complete  tasks like cooking, baking and washing up, men use only 30 minutes. Women are as well far further dynamic than men when it appear to liability tasks akin to cleaning and house in order .The areas where men are further energetic than women are gardening, pet care and unusual protection jobs about the house. On an regular, men use 49.5 minutes per day in gardening and pet care but women spend 21 minutes on these tasks.


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