Friday, August 16, 2013

Basic Difference among TOEFL and TOEIC

There are two main and important test for English are TOEIC and TOEFL that calculate the skill of Persons to understand and knowledge of English language for the purpose of communication.

Both two tests are tricky and surprise people according to many comparison in that test Wishing for studying or doing job abroad as to which one of the two they must take.

Above are usual tests to facilitate students and persons to perform their capability to academic body and businesses that they can complete in aggressive setting.


TOEIC is abbreviation of Test of English for International Communication. ETS conduct this important test that really do the necessities of governmental departments and private organizations to heir candidates as employees with good familiarity with English.
This standard test had been prominent like to evaluate the office level communication skills of persons.It is estimated that peoples near to 4 million participate in TOEIC every year for proving their talent of communication to impending employers crosswise the world.
TOEIC score is almost very important for students and also reflect the efficient ability of English communication. It is to note that European and North American group and companies are gradually depending on the reliable scores of the test proceeding to hire candidates.


In Today English is growing to be very essential language all over the world having near to 2 billion speakers. Therefore it is needed a uniform test to levy the talent of any individual.
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is arranging by ETS which responsible for conduct this test. Students from all over the world take this test which scores had been accepted by educational schools and institutions in USA before giving admission.
If your score in TOEFL is high it’s mean you are proficient in English and having best level ability  which is crucial to complete advanced studies in any foreign university.TOEFL is frequently applied by Universities and other academic institution to find out the expertise of learner applying for higher studies classes.
Comparison of TOEFL and TOEIC
ETS administrate both tests to judge English speaking skills of any person, but both have different purpose.
Government organizations and businesses used TOEIC as  job place  contact skills of potential employees.
Educational institute conventionally use TOEFL to check the reading and writing expertise of students keen of chasing higher studies.
Naturally TOEIC is more ideal, while TOEFL is more valuable in nature.
A broader array of proficiency is review through TOEFL than TOEIC.
Standard TOEFL Scores are on a range of 0-120 where TOEIC have a standard of 100-450 .
The time duration of TOEFL is 4.5 hours however TOEIC have 2.5 hours.

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