Tuesday, March 22, 2016

English Speaking School in Hawaii

First time when My Father decided to visit foreign state his choice was Hawaii.our family  was there more then three months,where I  join as a junior student to High School.For  a student school life is  cool experience.
  If in single word  school life in Hawaii was casual. Like American schools No uniform followed in my school. definitely it was casual learning.We were stay there from November to January, which is well known winter season.
During my school learning period several good friends mde by me.also  I met to a good girl she always help me, thankful to her help every day.I was feeling so worry in my first lunch time when I enter into the canteen.I saw lot of remarkable friends.everyday I was trying to  feel entirely good feeling.

I had plentiful love to cake at sixteen now so I do,I was vacant with my bad associate on my school last day,there was emotional day for me because I was going to left  my school.While I was unhappy to left my friends and say them goodbye but now time was go to home.

It was my first terrifying view  on the edge where I do not know someone. I was so satisfy to get the chance when see in the past.think it gave me a lot of assurance.


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