Sunday, March 20, 2016

Non English Speaking Countries

Do you know globally how much people having mother tongue is English? Not exactly  but the figure is in the billions. If we see the worldwide English is the major language probable will stay for a very long time, appropriately in part to English individually an authorized language of India. Which would be going the mainly heavily populated country in future. If we combine native and non-native speakers, mostly people in India can be talk or know English very well other then all over the world.

 Afro-Saxon group of people join to learning English language In Africa .the purpose of this group  join Africans from different states. For expert English speakers understanding English presently is as important as learning inside the world of texting and messaging. That supposed there are most better information for English speakers, persons who are non-native English speaker currently become large number then native speakers.

For non-native or in other words Non English speaking nations, also these peoples trying there self   as  English speaking. Approximately close to 2 billion persons ready to learn English who are non-native speaker. Almost 1/3 people worldwide. How many countries where peoples truly speak English as good as 2nd language? Also there are motivating level shows English Proficiency Test compiling the test results hundreds of numbers of people illustrating the countries having the top expertise in English as a foreign language. The worldwide statistics are exciting where people can speak and read English.

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